Exercise Rowing Machines

Exercise rowing machines are a great way to get aerobic exercise. The more muscles you use when you exercise, the less time it takes to give your body a full workout.

Rowing moves your body through a wider range of motion than most activities, stretching your muscles and rotating your joints. Exercise rowing machines works out muscles in your arms, legs, stomach and torso building muscular strength and endurance.

Your heart and lungs can also benefit from rowing exercise. The benefit of rowing exercise is similar to other forms of aerobic workouts. The continuous upper body motion is also great for raising your heart rate to your target zone.

Rowing burns calories faster than biking, is easier to do and rowing can even firm up your butt. Rowing is a smooth motion, rhythmic and impact free activity that puts little strain on the muscles and joints if done correctly.

However, people with back problems should proceed with caution because rowing can put a strain on your back. Always check with your doctor before starting any exercise program.

Rowing is a very versatile sport that can be done indoors or out. It is a complete exercise that is satisfying, enjoyable to do and provides a balance of fitness benefits.

You can get a great workout with rowing whether you are indoors, on an exercise rowing machine or outdoors enjoying the fresh air. You can row solo or join a local rowing club for the social benefits.

The steady rhythm of rowing will challenge your body, but it can also help calm your mind. Picture yourself rowing outdoors on a quiet lake; your body, your mind, the boat and the water all blended into one blissful space in time.
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