Types of Exercise Equipment

Depending on the kind of exercise you want to do, there are many types of exercise equipment from which to choose. You can do aerobic exercise, weight lifting, or core strengthening. Just choose the right machine or video, and you can get quickly in shape.

Video/DVD -- These are good for aerobic workouts, boxing routines and core strengthening using yoga and pilates.

Treadmill -- A good way to walk or run no matter what the weather is doing outside.

Stationary Bike -- Watch your favorite TV show while peddling away the pounds. Styles available include the upright and the incumbent positioning.

Elliptical -- This machine combines stair climbing and walking into one workout.

Stair Climber -- This is a great machine to use to strengthen your leg muscles and burn calories.

Glider -- A glider allows you to work your arms, legs, and rear all at the same time.

Weight Lifting -- Building muscle and toning is a great way to burn more calories.

Just pick the type of exercise you want to do and then find the right equipment to help you burn calories and get the shape you want.
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